complementary care children

As part of the spa treatment, the thermal center of La Roche-Posay works to improve the quality of life of those suffering.


Supportive care is mainly suitable for children suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Supportive care for children is indicated from the age of 3 and up to 12 years. They are open to children and their parents, allow them to understand the disease and better manage it on a daily basis.

Parents can also attend the thematic conferences offered at the Pavillon Rose (welcome meeting, conferences on eczema or on thermal water, etc.).

Treatment programs

Les SOINS de support pédiatriques

Composition of child dermatosis support care (€25 / €39):

In addition to the workshops, you benefit from 2 individual consultations with our specialized educator: one at the start of the treatment and one to take stock at the end of the stay.

Child under 3 years old: €25
Allows you to attend the ointment workshop, but without taking part, as well as the discussion group (in the presence of the parent) and the "Daily whys" workshop. The accompanying parent participates in the information meeting at the beginning and at the end of treatment.

Child 3 years and over: €39
Allows to attend and participate to every workshop. The accompanying parent participates in the information meeting at the beginning and at the end of treatment.

Ointment workshop

The Lipi & Kara ointment workshop led by our specialist educator Christelle, allows children to learn how to hydrate themselves while having fun. A key step in empowering the little patient.

Itchy monster workshop

The educator presents the tips for relieving itching thanks to the workshop mascot, the itchy monster who will reveal all his advice to you.

Parent information meeting

The educator sets a time for discussion with the parents and offers useful advice on food, sleep and the environment of the child. It is also a place for parents to share their experiences.

"Why of daily life" workshop

This educational and fun workshop suitable for children allows them to adopt the right reflexes to improve their quality of life on a daily basis. Advice on hygiene, nails, shower, swimming pool, etc. The educator leads the workshop and discusses the various themes using illustrated materials.

Le pavillon rose

Located in the heart of the Thermal Park, the Pink Pavilion is home to the support care workshops and conferences. It also features a tea room and an Amoena underwear shop.