Kipping fit
quarterly subscription

Take advantage of Spa Source in your free time and relax in our wellness areas dedicated to skin and body care. Treat yourself to a well-being break and repair your skin with La Roche-Posay thermal water.

Heated to 32°C, the pool is equipped with dorsal and plantar massage jets and chromatherapy. The hammam, a real beauty ritual, invites you to relax and let go. This 50° steam bath is ideal for detoxifying and preparing your skin for face and body treatments. The sauna, a dry heat bath followed by a cold shower to create a thermal shock, allows the release of our well-being hormones such as endorphin. It is a moment of relaxation for body and mind.

In addition to Spa access, this membership also gives you the option to sign up for the following two days a week, at timeslots you choose: holistic activity classes and aqua fitness and access to the fitness room outside of class training hours

Duration 180mn

250,00 €