Vitality &
facial 90 minutes

This face, neck, décolleté and scalp ritual is designed for the most intolerant skin types. It incorporates products with refined formulations to limit the risk of allergies or skin reactions. Beforehand, a gentle cleansing of the skin is carried out using brushes to avoid skin overheating. The face is then massaged using a Neurosensine concentrate, an active ingredient derived from a molecule naturally present in the body associated with Osmolyte, a protective amino acid and comforting and restorative glycerin. To finish, a moisturizing mask based on Panthenol is applied. It helps renew the skin's protective barrier. The skin is soothed, hydrated and strengthened. It is more resistant to attacks. Redness, tingling, puffiness and feelings of discomfort disappear.
Included with this treatment: Free access to the 'Carré des Sources' (2 hrs).

Duration 90mn

145,00 €

Benefits of the skin care

Skin to skin

  • Repaired and soothed skin
  • Faded scars
  • Stimulated hair regrowth

Skin to brain

  • Self-confidence
  • Harmonization of your body
  • Vitality
  • Fighting spirit

Brain to skin

  • Revitalized skin
  • Rested features
  • Refreshed look