My health
with physical activity

As part of the spa treatment, the thermal center of La Roche-Posay works to improve the quality of life of those suffering.


The time of spa treatment, located after the acute period of treatment, precedes the return to normal life. The support care, by their complementarity, makes it possible to offer a global care of the patient during his cure. We advise you to go to the Pavillon Rose at the beginning of your stay to book and plan your workshops and conferences.

Treatment programs

Included activities

Composition of the 'My Health through Physical Activity' package (€45):

Adapted physical activitiy

Engage in sports sessions adapted to your abilities and desires to exert yourself and engage your body. Moving forward by engaging in regular physical activity, even if it's not intense, is an essential step towards feeling better while strengthening your body.

Pilates for all

Gradually strengthen your muscles and improve your tone through exercises suitable for everyone, focusing primarily on deep muscles (abdominals, pelvis, back, pelvic floor).

Latino fitness

Cancer treatments have many side effects on the skin. In addition to the spa treatment, it is essential to nourish and moisturize the skin properly. La Roche-Posay offers an ointment workshop for adults to learn the right gestures and practical advice for everyday life.

Yoga workshop

Reconnect with your body and relax through our group yoga classes suitable for all physical conditions.

Meditative walk

Reconnect with nature and enjoy a moment of pure tranquility through meditative walking. In the heart of the thermal park, experience a unique moment where your senses are engaged, allowing you to perceive reality differently.


AVIROSE PROGRAM : 40€ for 3 sessions
The indoor rowing programme has been specially designed for physical recovery after breast cancer. At La Roche-Posay, we also suggest it to patients suffering from other pathologies.
Global and symmetrical practice that solicits the 4 limbs and the trunk, favours the straightening of the back and the sheathing of the belly as well as the opening of the chest and the shoulders.
Physical activity that allows you to rebuild, remould and gently soften your body. Ideal for returning to regular physical activity, fighting against the side effects of treatment and living in good health...

Supervision is provided by the centre's physiotherapists and the sport medicine physician. Courses are open to beginners up to advanced patients.
A medical certificate stating non contraindication must be provided by your GP, in order to register for this activity. This needs to be presented at the time of registration at the Pink Pavilion.

Learn more about l’AVIROSE®

Le pavillon rose

Located in the heart of the Thermal Park, the Pink Pavilion is home to the support care workshops and conferences. It also features a tea room and an Amoena underwear shop.