Eczema is the second most common skin disease after acne, and is one of the dermatological conditions treated by La Roche-Posay. It represents about 25% of people taking the waters.
There are several forms of dermatitis. 

The most common form is atopic dermatitis, an inflammatory skin disease, which affects nearly 15% of children and 4% of adults in France. It appears to be associated with genetic factors that affect the skin barrier.

Atopic eczema is responsible for skin lesions that weaken the epidermis, leading to contact dermatitis. These two types of eczema can coexist in the same person.

The location of dermatitis can vary according to age. In adults, dermatitis can spread all over the body.

Contact dermatitis is triggered by the contact of the skin with an allergen. It is preceded by a phase of sensitisation to the substance in the environment. The allergic reaction occurs even in the absence of a genetic background that favours allergy.

Dermatitis is a pruriginous condition, and often causes sleeplessness which affects the quality of life (sleep, morale, daily life), and it also carries a permanent risk of superinfection and lichenification.

Thermal treatment considerably improves these symptoms as a complement, or as an alternative, to traditional treatments.


  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis, occupational dermatitis, infectious dermatitis
  • Varicose, perineal and genital dermatitis


episodes are less frequents

less patches and itching

better sleep

less medication

during the prescription

Thermal cares

The thermal treatments are exclusively made with La Roche-Posay water. They are given daily in the thermal baths and have 4 main parts: the filiform shower, the bath, the massage under thermal water and the thermal spray. Oral care, drink or rehydrating treatments can be added as required.

Filiform shower

Provided daily by the thermal doctor, it provides a deep massage of the dermis and a softening of the epidermis. It allows a delicate cleansing, and/or a stripping and anti-pruritic action.

Local or general baths

The bath has a relaxing, moisturizing and emollient action. When it is air-gaseous (with compressed air bubbles) it reduces itching.

Underwater thermal massage

The thermal doctor will prescribe 9 or 18 underwater massages performed by a physiotherapist, depending on your needs. The objective is to improve your scars, your mobility and your body drainage. SCAR MASSAGE BY SUCTION CUP, The DermaMouv Thermal® designed by our team of physiotherapists may be used. This innovative and registered technique integrates the protocol of dermatological massage under a thermal water ramp, silicone suction cups adapting perfectly to the stiffest and most adherent scars.

Local shower

Local shower (facial or perineal). A mist of thermal water is delicately deposited on the epidermis and generates a soothing, emollient and healing action on the face and the ocular, nasal, oral or perineal mucous membranes.

General shower

Shower cabins diffuse thermal water filtered by a sieve over the whole body. The general spray allows a soothing and healing action on the skin.

Oral care

Particularly recommended in case of localized manifestations of dermatosis or chronic gingivitis problems (double orientation to be specified on your registration).

The gingival shower cleans and irrigates the gums.
The mouth spray allows a moisturizing mist of the entire oral and pharyngeal sphere.

Drink cure

A particularly diuretic and detoxifying light water. Essential supplement for its selenium intake and its regulatory effect on the immune system.

Complementary moisturizing care

These unsupported complementary treatments will soothe and rehydrate the skin. (Registration at the thermal reception only).

The dermatological enveloping: for complete rehydration of the body.
The soothing mask: for complete rehydration of the face.

of our curists

La Roche-Posay Thermal Centre logo

[The video opens with soft piano music.
We see aerial views of the town of La Roche-Posay and the surrounding nature, then the title of the video appears: the LA ROCHE-POSAY dermatological cure].

[Then, in a leafy environment, appears Fernando, a curist, who has had a serious accident. He has come to treat his burns. We also see shots of massages given by a physiotherapist at the spa]
[Fernando speaks]

"Showers and massages are very compatible with burns, that's for sure.
The water makes you feel much more supple, I can move well.

[Still in this green environment, we meet Thierry, a curist, who has suffered from psoriasis since his grandmother died].
[Thierry speaks]

"I have had psoriasis for 35 years, it comes, it goes..."

[Fernando speaks, as he is seen undergoing treatment].
"I came here in a wheelchair. I could hardly walk, hardly speak.
I had to learn everything. But after that, with each treatment, things got better and better.

[Thierry speaks, and we see him during his treatment.]
"I do a lot of puvatherapy in the cabin which works very well.
But the last one didn't work.
My dermatologist and doctor were the ones who urged me to go for a spa treatment.
The filiform shower is good and it gives me exactly the same sensation as when I scratch myself, it relieves and soothes. At the moment, there is less itching."

[Fernando speaks]
"I think it's the thermal treatments and the thermal water that do me a lot of good."

[The video ends with a text saying:
'Repair and replenish : take care of your skin and of yourself, in La Roche-Posay'.
This thermal cure is covered by the Social Security - consult your doctor].

Logo of the Thermal Centre 

[Website address : www.centrethermal.laroche-posay.fr]


Our post-cancer thermal cure
complementary cares

Complementary to the benefits of thermal treatments, these treatments offer a global course. They allow you to find a better quality of life on a daily basis.